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If you have a business dispute that is headed to court and will require a vigorous defense, or need a thorough evaluation of your rights under a business arrangement or contract, the Norris Law Group can help. The firm's principal, Matt Norris, has litigated and helped to resolve commercial disputes in a wide variety of business sectors and substantive practice areas, in state and federal courts, and in arbitration and mediation proceedings throughout the country. Questions about your company's ability to enforce a contract? Looking for a cost-effective, tough-minded litigator to represent your interests in a problem among the shareholders of a closely held corporation or the members of an LLC? Concerned about the potentially unlawful tactics of your competitors? Or perhaps you're an individual with questions about a potential dispute with an organization, and you need advice and guidance through the process. If you or your organization has a commercial dispute that needs to be resolved favorably, with the kind of hard-hitting approach that shows the other parties that you mean, well, business, we can help.

We believe that when it comes to the contemplation of litigation, the name of the game is prevention. No one, not even lawyers, wants to go to court unnecessarily, nor to tie up resources and energies that can best be directed elsewhere, toward what your business does best. We offer consultation and evaluation concerning any facet of your business where you foresee problems or pitfalls down the road; let's work together and develop strategies to keep things from ever going that far. But if litigation is unavoidable, we can provide you with high-quality, experienced, and very personal hands-on assistance.